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Though it might seem irrelevant, bullying still remains a huge problem for our society to this day. According to a 2019 CDC survey directed to 9-12th graders, 19.5% of participants reported being bullied on school grounds 12 months prior to the survey, and 15.7% of participants reported being electronically bullied in the same timeframe, compared to percentages of 19.9% and 16.2% respectively 10 years earlier in 2009.

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network lists “stress, anxiety, and depression, anger or frustration, loneliness and isolation, feelings of rejection, or poor self-esteem, [and] changes in sleep and eating patterns,” along with other consequences, as potential effects of bullying.

The main prevention for bullying appears to be spreading awareness of warning signs of bullying, how to deal with it, and how dangerous it is.

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